• Miron Broshi - CEO

    Founder & Owner
  • Dorit Broshi - Sales Manager

    Founder & Owner

Our story with water began long before we ever considered starting a business. Since children, we've always been sensitive to taste, and this extended to our deep appreciation for clean, natural water. Whether it was from the sea, lakes, or springs, we were drawn to its purity and refreshing nature.

This sensitivity became even more pronounced when we lived in Israel. The tap water simply didn't agree with us, prompting us to seek out better spring water sources. Even then, the quality wasn't always consistent.

Fast forward to arriving in America, the initial convenience of water delivery quickly revealed its limitations. Managing bulky five-gallon bottles, especially during pregnancy, became a logistical nightmare. This frustration, coupled with the growing concern about plastic waste, sparked our idea for a solution.

We embarked on a journey of discovery. This journey involved collaboration with partners, learning about water filtration systems, and understanding customer needs. It was an eye-opening experience, revealing the vast and fascinating world of water, a world we previously considered limited and with few options.

What truly ignited our business was the realization that water is more than just a necessity; it's a cornerstone of health and well-being. It's the center of our universe, a reminder that we need to nourish ourselves both physically and mentally.

However, unlike other aspects of healthy living, the conversation around water quality often seems muted. While everyone emphasizes the importance of drinking plenty of water, the discussion rarely delves into its quality, its impact on our health, and its connection to the environment.

This lack of awareness fueled our desire to educate and empower others. As we delve deeper into the world of water, every day brings new insights, inspiring stories, and validations from satisfied customers. It's a journey of continuous learning and shared knowledge, one that we're thrilled to be on.

This, in essence, is the story behind our company. It's a story born from a love of water, a desire for a better solution, and a commitment to sharing the knowledge and benefits of pure, clean water with everyone.

Mayim H2O offers a range of solutions for water treatment and improvement of the quality, so the customer can enjoy pure water without compromising.

Mayim H2O specializes stated in various fields of water technologies to industry and private customers and includes water filtration systems and water treatment, systems prevent back-flow scaling filters, reverse osmosis, decorated water bars and more.

our customers have been enjoying the benefits of a healthy, green and cost-effective alternative to bulk bottled water delivery. Ice cold or hot healthy water – chlorine, chemicals & impurities removed.