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Max 2 Counter Top Mini-Bar Water Dispenser - Refurbished 33% OFF

$595 $895
  • Heating power: 1500W 
  • Cooling power: 100W
  • Heating capacity: 15L/h ≥ 90℃
  • Cooling capacity: 3L/h ≤10℃
  • Cooling intake quantity: R134/45g
  • Pressure of inlet water: 1.0 ~ 3.5Kg/cm 2
  • Packing dimension: 360x440x415(mm)
Color: Silver
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POU hot and cold Mini Bar Water Dispenser
Micro-computer control
Compact design – only 36 cm high
Colorful panels can be easily changed
Frame structure, easy to maintain and repair
Easy to clean the hot and cold water tank
Large capacity of Hot & cold water
With 2 filters inside.
Filter replacement alarm
Easy to change the filters
Optional Ozone system
Optional UV system inside
Energy-saving modes
Child safety switch for hot water

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