Mayim H2O

Bottleless Water Dispenser | URI Gold Platinum

$595 $695
  • Filters the water straight from the mains
  • Provides ambient and cold water (4-15 degrees) Can dispense up to 0.45 GPH
  • Offers a wide range of hot water (180 – 212 degrees) Can dispense up to 0.45 GPH
  • No more need for a kettle for hot beverages 
  • Offers 6TH Sense technology for the water filtration. An alarm led will flash to let you know when the filter is ready to be changed by checking either the length of time (6 months) or the amount of water filtered
  • Possibility to define a time when the machine will turn itself on.
  • Unique energy-saving mode which will ensure the product switches itself off when not in use
  • Choice of colors from white and silver
  • Product Dimensions: H 14.9 x W 11.8 x D 15.3 Inch
Color: Silver
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