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Prince Tankless Countertop Nano Filtration Water Purifier

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Combining industry leading filter technology, advanced features, and intuitive design, CUCKOO's water purifier line does exactly as advertised: purifies your drinking water for your health, safety and convenience—all while instantly modernizing your living or office space. 
CUCKOO's Nano+ filters feature 3-stage filtration: a pre-carbon filter to remove heavy metals, odors, chlorine, and VOCs, a mineralizer to add electrolytes, natural calcium and potassium to your water, and finally a Nano+ filter to remove heavy metals and viruses.

  • NO WATER TANK: With easy installation and a working water line, you'll have purified and temperature-controlled water in a snap
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Its power-saving energy eye detects light and will automatically adjust the water purifier's power consumption when no light is detected 
  • HOT & COLD WATER: Dispenses your choice of hot, cold or room temperature water for all of your different H2O needs
  • NANO+ FILTRATION: Automatically removes harmful impurities such as rust, microorganisms, lead, fluoride, odors, and chlorine 
  • IN & OUT STERILIZATION: Effortlessly cleans the internal components of your purifier to ensure you're always drinking the cleanest water possible 
  • VOICE GUIDE: Will guide you through usage, give status updates of when hot or cold water has completed pouring, and notify you when filters need to be replaced
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Complete with user-friendly touchscreen controls for easy operation between the three different water temperatures and a mess-free serving spout



Product Name Tankless Countertop Nano+ Filtration Water Purifier
Model Number CP-P011G / CP-P011T
Capacity No Tank (Direct Filtration)
Dimensions 16.1 (H) x 6.7 (L) x 14.5 (W) inches
Product Weight 23.1 lbs.
Color Rose Gold / Titan Silver
Available Temperatures Hot, Cold & Room Temperature
Operation Touch Control
Auto In & Out Sterilization Yes
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes
Avg. Filter Life Replace every 4-8 months
Voice Guide Yes
Certification cETLus, FCC
Voltage 120V AC, 60Hz
Made In South Korea
Power Consumption 1,440W (12A)
Accessories 3 Nano+ Filters, Product Manual
Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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